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Agenda Item 01 - Being the Only One | #TheGovernorsPodcast

February 19, 2021 Season 1 Episode 1
The Governors' Podcast
Agenda Item 01 - Being the Only One | #TheGovernorsPodcast
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For today's Single Item Agenda (episode), we discuss;

  • What It Really Means To Be "The Only One In The Room"
  • How To Embrace Standing Out and Take Responsibility
  • Recognising The Makeup Of The Governing Body/Board and Knowing What Makes You 'The Only One' (ie. new vs. experienced governors, age, specialisms, race, gender, etc.)
  • Ways To Navigate The Space As A New Governor
  • Dealing With 'Cliques' (pre-established social groups)

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Sharon Warmington
--> School Governor, Professional Clerk and Qualified Corporate Governance Practitioner 

Olivia D Hinds
--> Chair of a Teaching and Learning Committee, Safeguarding Link Governor and Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor


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