The Governors' Podcast

Agenda Item 38 - Getting Over the Load | #TheGovernorsPodcast

January 31, 2024 Onevma Productions Season 4 Episode 5
The Governors' Podcast
Agenda Item 38 - Getting Over the Load | #TheGovernorsPodcast
Show Notes

For today's Single Item Agenda (episode), as we acknowledge 3 years of the podcast, we discuss;

  • Transitioning from the end of the autumn term to the beginning of the spring term and how to ensure we retain our current volunteers and encourage others to join
  • The volume of emails from mailing list subscriptions in the education governance space and managing your inboxes to avoid overload and overwhelm - how to implement filtering practices to determine what to action and when to respond
  • How organisations can manage their mailing lists and consider different email marketing and email communication strategies - Emailing services implementing stricter regulations
  • How to take back control - creating and upholding (digital) boundaries; communicating during your own working hours; setting up protected time and space incl. using the Do Not Disturb feature on your devices to manage reactions to notifications
  • Improving self awareness: Evaluating self, having standards and resetting your habits to make progress forward, incl. learning styles, communication styles, chairing skills

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Sharon Warmington (School Governor; Qualified Corporate Governance Practitioner) 

Olivia D Hinds (Member of the Joint Advisory Education and Safeguarding Group of a MAT; LGB Committee Chair for Teaching and Learning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor)


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