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Agenda Item 30 - New Year, New Hat, More Me | #TheGovernorsPodcast

January 25, 2023 Onevma Productions Season 3 Episode 4
The Governors' Podcast
Agenda Item 30 - New Year, New Hat, More Me | #TheGovernorsPodcast
Show Notes

Happy 2023! For today's Single Item Agenda (episode) we discuss;

  • The matrix of answering the question “What do you do?” Spotlight yourself!
  • Opening up the dialogue about ‘Governance’ within your current circles - personal and professional, with family members, friends and coworkers
  • What does volunteering look like? How does education/school governance show up in that category? 
  • Team building can be about learning more about your team members - Connect with your governor and trustee colleagues about your other skills, knowledge and expertise too
  • Highlight 21st Century skill sets more incl. digital literacy, social media and technology

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Sharon Warmington (School Governor; Professional Clerk; Qualified Corporate Governance Practitioner) 

Olivia D Hinds (Committee Chair for Teaching and Learning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor)


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