The Governors' Podcast

Agenda Item 27 - Unblurring Fine Lines | #TheGovernorsPodcast

October 05, 2022 Onevma Productions Season 3 Episode 1
The Governors' Podcast
Agenda Item 27 - Unblurring Fine Lines | #TheGovernorsPodcast
Show Notes

For today's Single Item Agenda (episode) we kickstart Season 3 and discuss;

  • How To Navigate The Strategic vs. Operational Landscape At A Governing Board Level
  • The New Suspensions and Exclusions Guidance (September 2022) and Appreciating The Process For Those Writing Policies
  • Asking Questions and Setting Plans For Yourself As An Individual Governor/Trustee First
  • Wearing Different Hats and Stepping Into The Shoes of Others  (Inside vs. Outside The Education Space)
  • Uncapped Terms of Offices - In This Okay? How Can We Better Prepare For Vacancies? (A Football Team Has More Than 11 Players)

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Sharon Warmington (School Governor; Professional Clerk; Qualified Corporate Governance Practitioner) 

Olivia D Hinds (Committee Chair for Teaching and Learning; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Link Governor)


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